Cold Outreach Shouldn't be

Boring or Complicated

Super easy-to-use cold outreach tool with everything you need on a single platform.

Because just adding emojis everywhere doesn't make it easy ;)


Your time is valuable. Don't waste it jumping between different tools

Automated Followups

None is excited to reply your email instantly. Let us help you send automated reminders to your precious leads.

You need to keep knocking the doors until you get the answer

We LAZY humans hate to send follow ups everyday ::(

Create smart Drip Campaigns with our Sequence Designer

Make it Personalized

Everyday 300 Billion+ emails are sent on the internet. If your audience can't feel that the email is for them only - you're out.

Send super personalized emails to everyone in one-click

Make your leads feel that you've handwritten it for them :P

Get ready for upto 6x better results on your campaign

Inbox Optimized Delivery

If your emails are landing in spambox or promotions - you're just wasting your time.

Intelligent Email delivery algorithm to bypass spambox

Replicating human behavior on every step to make it natural

You can always tweak it as per your requirement

Let's not make it complicated

If you love those complicated softwares with long documents about how to use it - We're not the same

So simple to use - that even our cat loves GetMails ( For Cold Milk Outreach ^_^)

Just 4 steps to create your drip campaigns

Campaign Analytics focused on what is important for you

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