Cold Email OutreachSimplified 

If you hate cold emails, because it's boring, unscalable or time-consuming - we're here to help. Let's utilize AI & Automation to make it awesome, again.

Cold Emails + Right Audience = MAGIC

So why not everyone is doing the same?
It's Boring
Waking up everyday and sending the same emails with hope of reply is boring. It's not just you, it's really really boring.
It's Complicated
From setting up the accounts to jumping between different tools for the campaign - You can't be expert in everything.
It's Not Scalable
Let's be honest. Cold Emailing is about scaling your system for results. But most of the tools are designed with unscalable per inbox prices.

So, We decided to solve it

Here are 3 major points we're focusing on - to make cold emails work

Automation at Rescue

Redesigned & optimized the campaign setup process. So you can schedule emails for whole month in just few minutes.

AI Email Writer

Email copy is the main challenge for cold outreach. Let our AI write & setup campaigns for you - so you can experiment a lot.

No Per-Inbox Pricing

We want you to connect a lot of email accounts to scale the outreach. So, we decided not to charge per account.

Make Cold Emails Great Again

The goal is not to boast about how we're revolutionising the cold emails forever - but about how can we make it all - easy, scalable & less-boring.

Automate The Boring Tasks

Just upload all of your contacts -> setup the campaign with our AI Assistant -> setup daily limits and done. GetMails will send emails everyday on your behalf from all the connected accounts.

Connect Unlimited Email Accounts

We don't charge you for the email accounts you connect - to send emails. We always recommend to use multiple email accounts for best deliverability as you scale your campaigns.

Optimized for Inbox Delivery

We have designed our powerful data-backed algorithms to decide when to send each email & from which email account. Also, we've inbuilt email verification to help you achieve maximum results.

Your Personal Email Writer

Biggest challenge for any cold outreach campaign is - email copy. Just provide few details to our AI email assistant - and let it design the email campaign for you in seconds for maximum performance.

Let's scale with cold emails

Start your cold email outreach journey with GetMails to scale your business. Welcome to GetMails Family ❤️